Monday, May 10, 2010

Types Of Giardiniera

Traditional giardiniera is the most common style available.  When we say "traditional", we mean a coarse cut style.  What that means is the vegetables are coarse chopped, which lets you see what each of the ingredients are when you look at a jar.

There is also giardiniera relish, which was introduced about fifteen years ago by E. Formella and Sons.  They've been making giardiniera and all kinds of other great Italian style specialty condiments since 1909.  The third generation owner, Randy Formella, thought it would be a good idea to offer a style that was "neater", meaning less messy to eat.

The relish style of giardiniera is quite comparable to pickle relish, the kind you put on hot dogs.  Basically it spreads pretty easily on a sandwich, pizza slice, etc.  Same great taste but less mess! Our personal favorite has always been the traditional style hot giardiniera. The giardiniera relish is great on sandwiches or for recipes, but for us, there's nothing quite like the "mouthfeel" of all the crunchy giardiniera ingredients. Try all the styles for yourself and then decide!

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